Meet Gina.

Gina was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated with honors from Oakland University and began her career in human resources. Gina found recruiting within the HR world and this quickly became her passion. It was there where her desire to create an unbeatable candidate experience grew and her ability to build high level business partnerships and become a true trusted advisor in the industry really was harvested.

Gina transitioned into recruiting leadership and continued on this path in corporate recruiting which also included a few cross country moves (Phoenix and Seattle) to further her experience and knowledge of different talent markets and remote work from different parts of the country. In 2010, Gina decided to leave the corporate world of recruiting and start a family. Her desire to help others and be a true talent advisor and educator never really left her. She continued her recruiting passions for more of a boutique style of recruiting and placement firm and this is when she finally decided to go for a dream she always had of being a business owner!

The need for a boutique style recruiting firm that focuses on small businesses is where her heart lies and she is elated to share her extensive knowledge and expertise to her clients and alleviate the stressful and daunting task of hiring top talent. Gina's unique approach and energetic personality will put you at ease knowing your company and your candidates are in excellent hands,